Q: What services do you offer?

A: We provide all the service necessary for the health and longevity of your motorcycle. We have factory training in all aspects of service, from initial set up to 600 mile break-in maintenance and every service thereafter. We have a computer interface for fault checking and clearing. We are totally familiar with the latest generation of BMW CAN-BUS systems. We are experts in major repairs such as engine and transmission rebuilds and, when the unthinkable happens, we fix crash damage. In short, we take care of everything your bike needs. Except...in the case of any brand other than Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Vespa, and Piaggio, a franchised dealer must provide repairs of warrantable defects and damage since only the franchised dealers are reimbursed by the manufacturer for such claims.

Q: Other than your Italian brands and BMWs, what bikes and scooters do you work on?

A: We are capable of performing most maintenance and repair jobs on any European or Japanese model, except of course any warranty or recall action. Also, we're very excited to say that our newest employee is Steve Ling, who is well known as an expert KTM technician.

Q: Do you have a warranty?

A: We stand by our work, and we warrant our work for a period of 90 days or 3000 miles, whichever comes first. Excludes "wear items."

Q: I have a new BMW K1600. Can I bring it to your shop for service while it's still covered by the factory warranty?

A: Yes, absolutely. All new vehicles sold in the United States are covered by their manufacturers for a specific time and/or mileage. As long as proper guidelines are followed, you are free to have routine maintenance, repairs of non-warrantable damage, or installation of accessories performed by any competent service outlet, or even by yourself if you so desire. It is illegal for manufacturers or their representatives to deny warranty protection or lead you to believe that having your bike serviced independently will negatively affect your warranty (Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act-1975). Should a warrantable defect arise or breakage occurs during the warranty period, then you can have that repaired at no charge at a franchised dealer of your choice. If we notice such a situation on your bike, we will of course alert you so that you can take appropriate action.

Q: What types of service does my BMW generally require?

A: BMW motorcycles are incredibly reliable when properly maintained. Generally they should be initially serviced at 600 miles (break-in), then at 6000 miles and every 6000 miles thereafter. We recommend an oil and filter change halfway between each 6000 mile interval. In addition, some aspects of maintenance, such as brake fluid or engine coolant changes, should be performed every year or every other year regardless of mileage and depending on your exact model. Brake pads and tires should be regularly monitored for wear and replaced as necessary.

Q: I've got too many bikes in the garage and my significant other says one has to go. I'm a very busy person and I don't have time to sell one.

A: As a small independent shop, one of our biggest challenges is finding good clean bikes for our sales department. One of the ways we keep our showroom well stocked is to offer a consignment program. After a thorough appraisal of your bike by the Sales Manager, you and he would agree on an amount that you would receive once the bike is sold. We try very hard to make that number advantageous to both parties. We do not charge any fees or percentages; our profit is the difference between the selling price and the amount previously agreed upon. Of course, any repairs or reconditioning necessary to get your bike to salable condition will have been discussed during the appraisal.

Q: What types of accessories can you install on my bike?

A: We are always adding new products to keep the latest technology available to enhance the comfort, convenience, and safety of your ride. We professionally install factory original accessories as well as those from REMUS, AUTOCOM, TOURATECH, TOMTOM, and more; riding gear from Rev'IT!, FIRSTGEAR, and many, many others.

Q: When you get right down to it, what's the real benefit of getting my bike serviced and shopping for accessories at Moto Italia of Northern Colorado?

A: As an independent shop, Moto Italia really provides you the straight scoop on service, accessories, apparel, and motorcycles without a vested interest in promoting only factory items. We offer a much more customized and personal experience than the ultra-expensive, super-glamorized franchised dealers into which the BMW network has evolved. We are all riders with hundreds of thousands of miles on motorcycles, and we feel we know what works and what doesn't. We know quality and we know shoddiness. We aren't afraid to gently push the envelope-many times customers come to us with a particular request having been turned away at other shops; we find with patience and experience that we can get things done. We are long-term BMW enthusiasts ourselves, with just a little grey hair. Those years of experience add up to better service to you...the rider!